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Garage Door Drum Replacement

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What are Garage Door Drums?

Your garage door system has many moving parts that keep your overhead door running smoothly and safely. Garage door drums are an essential part of that system. They are mounted on either end of the spring bar to the inside of each bearing plate. Garage door cables then wind around the drums and run down to attach to the bottom of the door. 

Although the garage door spring provides the counterbalance strength, the cables and garage door drums are the parts that actually lift your garage door. That’s why it’s pivotal that you keep your garage door drums in good shape and schedule repair whenever there is an issue. Contact us if you need garage door drum replacement in Van Alstyne, Denison, Sherman, or McKinney,, TX.

Don’t Attempt Garage Door Drum Replacement On Your Own

As part of the counterbalance system of your garage door, garage door drums maintain a lot of tension for the attached springs and cables. If you release this tension incorrectly, it can be dangerous for you or cause worse damage to your other garage door parts. That’s why you should never attempt garage door drum replacement on your own. 

If you suspect your drums have worn out due to rust build-up or age, contact Ellis Overhead Doors to book garage door drum replacement near you. We’ve been repairing, installing, and servicing garage door systems for many years, so we have the best practices for ensuring a great outcome for your broken garage door. Schedule your appointment today!

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Garage Door Drum FAQs

When Should I Replace My Garage Door Drum?

Are There Different Types of Garage Door Drums?

What Causes a Cable to Come Off the Garage Door Drum?

Book Your Garage Door Drum Replacement Today!

Do you have cracked garage door drums, or do your cables keep slipping off the drum? Contact Ellis Overhead Doors to book garage door drum replacement in Van Alstyne, Denison, Sherman, or McKinney, TX. We are local garage door experts, so we can quickly identify the issues with your garage door system and provide thorough repairs with the quality replacement parts we keep on hand. Call now to book your appointment!

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