Why You Should Consider Black Garage Doors

Originally posted November 17th, 2021. Updated March 14th, 2024.

In recent years, black garage doors have become popular for modern garage door design. Black is a bold and unique color on a garage door, sure to differentiate your home from others on the block. While black is not a traditional choice for a garage door, it is bold, sleek, and sophisticated. Black garage doors have been on the rise due to the upturn in the mid-century modern style, which favors clean lines and bold colors. 

As homeowners want to increase their home’s curb appeal, they have turned to a makeover on their garage door. This is because garage door replacement has the highest ROI for any home improvement project. Many people forget about new garage doors’ potential, but they provide a major boost for curb appeal and resale value. After all, garage doors make up a large portion of the home’s exterior, which gives them the power to transform the look of any home. And black garage doors do this better than almost any garage door design. Explore below to learn more benefits of black garage doors!

Black Garage Door Material Options

Steel: Steel is the most popular material for residential garage door installations. It’s affordable, durable, and can be widely customized. The buyer can choose the paint color, design options, and customized hardware. All major manufacturers offer steel garage doors in a black finish to give you the perfect new garage door. Steel can be a great choice for your garage door because it’s low-maintenance and long-lasting.

black garage doors

Aluminum & Glass: The combination of aluminum and glass creates a gorgeous door that’s durable and sustainable. Glass is a material that comes with many benefits, such as natural light, energy efficiency, and minimal maintenance. Black glass garage doors are a gorgeous addition to any home, giving you style and privacy. The glass can be tinted black, and the aluminum frame can be powder-coated or anodized in a black finish. 

glass garage doors
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Black Garage Door Customizations 

Finishes: You can choose to add any finish to your black garage door. These can change the final look of the door, making it more glossy or muted. New finishes can also be applied over the years to keep your garage door looking new and beautiful. 

Window Designs: Window designs are a great feature that can be added to almost any garage door. This makes your garage door unique and can be an understated but beautiful design addition. Windows also have the added perk of letting natural light into your garage. 

Hardware: To add extra definition to your black garage door, decorative exterior hardware is also available for carriage house designs. 

We Sell Black Garage Doors

Are you ready to upgrade your garage door? Black garage doors are a great option with the ability to spike your curb appeal and add contrast to your home’s exterior. Contact us today for more information!

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