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Glass Garage Doors

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Let the Light In With Glass Garage Doors!

Glass garage doors are a beautiful aesthetic option that allows natural light into your garage. They are typically constructed with aluminum frames for premium durability and can be insulated for maximum comfort.

Considered a modern style garage door, glass garage doors are a design necessity in a wide range of modern homes like mid-century modern, farmhouse modern, and contemporary homes. Common trends where glass garage doors are being used include enclosed patios, porches, pool houses, kitchens, office spaces, and basements.

Glass Garage Doors

Glass Garage Doors Come With Reinforcers

Despite the fact that many people initially believe glass garage doors are fragile, they are actually quite strong! A sturdy aluminum frame is a built-in reinforcer that makes glass garage doors so durable. For a longer-lasting door, a structural reinforcement fin in your glass garage door construction provides more options like color, glass, and panel options.

Since glass garage doors aren’t made of 100% glass, these panels can be tinted to allow for extra privacy and be insulated for year-round temperature control.

Custom Options

Glass garage doors can be customized in more ways than you think! You can choose any head-turning color, style, and finish you want. You can even choose a color, tint, or glass type to match the rest of your household as a custom option.

First, choose the type of glass you want in terms of glass texture, color, and thickness. Then decide on the frame color and insulation that will complement the architecture of your home.

Ellis Overhead Door offer added features like frosted, tempered, or colored glass.

Glass Countertop Doors

Countertop Glass

We can custom-build a countertop glass window or sliding door to your specifications. Many homeowners and businesses choose a countertop version of a glass garage door for easy access and entertaining a gathering of family or customers. Countertop glass is a great alternative if you don’t want an entire entryway to be glass. 

glass garage doors

Commercial Glass Garage Doors

The best option for a storefront, a glass garage door for your business will be just as efficient as it is inviting. We’ll help you choose the right glass for added security and insulation to ease noise or safety concerns.

glass garage doors

Full-View Glass Garage Doors

When you think of a classic style of glass garage doors, full-view or full-vision glass garage doors are what come to mind. Effortless and appealing for a modern-styled home, or contemporary building.

High-Lift Glass Garage Doors

You may want extra headroom for a space that you’re using to showcase a vintage car collection or lugging extra-long equipment. A high-lift glass garage door will give you that extra coverage for your business.

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Remember to Maintain Your Glass Garage Door!

A glass garage door requires very little maintenance thanks to the aluminum frames and reinforcers, but is much heavier than the average overhead door. We recommend heavy-duty garage door springs to help counterbalance the weight. 

We also advise annual maintenance to extend the lives of your garage door parts. Ellis Overhead Door happily provides garage door maintenance for glass garage doors at your home or business! During annual maintenance, we will lubricate the garage door springs, hinges, and rollers, in addition to checking your entire system to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Contact Ellis Overhead Door for a glass garage door installation, or we can provide a free and informational consultation for those interested in Van AlstyneDenisonSherman, and McKinney, TX.

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