Black Garage Doors

Add Contrast with New Black Garage Doors!

Here’s an example of how one color decision turned into a whole new element on its own. Our team installed this beautiful black garage door in Whitewright, TX, and we can’t get over how everything in this project complements each other. Black garage doors can completely transform the look of a classic or modern home in your area. Ellis and Parrish Overhead Doors was called to this home for a garage door replacement, and the difference is simply a color switch!

The Benefits of Black Garage Doors

Black garage doors have become increasingly popular due to their bold, modern style. Black has become a trendy door color that will go a long way to make a statement without you having to do much at all. 

Even the dark gray exterior in this project matches perfectly with the black garage door, making everything pop. With black garage doors, you’ll receive a unique door with the power to greatly impact your curb appeal. 

The construction of this black garage door is steel, custom-painted black with long raised panels. Steel garage doors can also be customized in other ways including decorative hardware, window designs, and paneling. Steel is a wonderful option for garage doors because it’s durable, affordable, and low maintenance. See the benefits that insulated garage doors provide to your home and how to keep your garage more comfortable and quiet.

Invest in a Black Garage Door Replacement!

If you’re looking to sell your home, a black garage door will attract buyers due to enhanced curb appeal, and the increase in property value will help you earn your initial investment money back! Buyers love to see modern garage door designs that are ahead of the game. 

DoorLink, our favorite manufacturer, offers great options for black garage doors. Here at Ellis and Parrish Overhead Doors, we focus on attention to detail and efficiency for each garage door installation. Learn more on our Garage Doors page, and give us a call for a free quote!

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