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Commercial Door Installation in Van Alstyne, Tom Bean, & Sherman TX

Commercial doors are an essential part of your business, which is why you need commercial door installation conducted by a company you can trust. Commercial doors provide both curb appeal and safety for your building, so it’s important to put careful consideration into the commercial door you want to purchase. We can answer any questions you have and help provide recommendations that will best fit your business. 

Why Investing in a Commercial Door Benefits Your Businesses 

  1. Security: It’s important that you choose a commercial door that will protect your building. Recent innovations in the industry have produced alarm systems that will function with overhead doors. You can also install automatic locks on your commercial doors. 
  2. Curb Appeal: When customers first pull up to your building, they are influenced by what it looks like. Since garage doors take up so much surface area, they are a major contributor to the aesthetic of your property’s exterior. Choosing a modern, sleek door for commercial door installation will give customers a great first impression of your business.
  3. Convenience: Depending on your industry, you may have rapid production or vehicles traveling in and out frequently, which makes automatic commercial doors a convenient feature. They can connect spaces in your business, and you can set them to lock at the end of the day. This gives business owners peace of mind that their commercial doors are protecting the building.
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Types of Commercial Doors 

Rolling Steel 

These are some of the most common commercial doors out there. Also called roll-up doors, they are made of steel sheets that roll up and down easily. If you are looking for a reliable door that gets the job done, this is a great option. They are also easier to repair, as they can be fixed by section.

Sheet Doors 

These are also roll-up doors that are stored in a compact metal tube near the ceiling. However, because they’re made of one continuous sheet, the whole door will have to be replaced if it is damaged. On the bright side, they are affordable and will last if you take care of them.

Sectional Overhead Doors 

These commercial doors are made up of paneled sections, much like what you’ll normally see on residential homes. They are widely customizable and come both insulated and non-insulated. Additionally, they are easy to repair because individual sections can be fixed or replaced.

Commercial Glass Doors 

These are beautiful commercial doors due to their sleek look, which also allows natural light to filter into the building. They can be customized to your liking in areas such as design, texture, color, and size. They are also durable, as their frame can be constructed from aluminum and high-impact glass.

Security Gates

If you need additional safety, security gates are a great option to consider for commercial door installation. They come in a variety of designs and will be a reliable choice to protect your business building. 

Car Wash Doors 

If you work in the car industry, these are great products to purchase. You’ll have different options in terms of size and material, and you can add windows or full-view glass so that the commercial door will be transparent.

Countertop Shutter Door 

These are just like rolling steel doors, but smaller. They’re a great commercial door installation option if you have any kind of information or food stand that needs a closing window. We have installed countertop shutters for both interior and exterior use.

Commercial Door Installation Process

When you decide to upgrade your commercial overhead door or build a new property, you want to work with a local company who has a streamlined installation process. You have a million things to manage for your business, so we work hard to make the installation process an easy one. This is what you can expect during commercial door installation:

  • One of our technicians will inspect the site and take measurements. 
  • Choose a material: steel, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, glass, etc.
  • We will order the door from the chosen manufacturer.
  • Once the door comes in, the existing door will be removed (if applicable). 
  • We will install the door frame, including the tracks.
  • We’ll install the door panels, hinges, rollers, cables, and other hardware. 
  • We will test the door for balance, alignment, and safety and make adjustments. 
  • We will clean-up the area and complete a final inspection.
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Contact Us For Commercial Door Installation Near You

If you need commercial door installation, reach out to us here at Ellis Overhead Door for quality service. Our trained technicians do an excellent job at providing commercial door installation with high attention to detail and accuracy. Make an appointment with us today to discuss your options, and we’ll help you find the perfect commercial door for your business.

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