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Automatically The Best Choice: Garage Door Openers

Ellis Overhead Door is proud to offer a wide selection of garage door opener types and styles for our customers here near Van AlstyneDenisonSherman, and McKinney, TX. Garage door openers are a vital addition to any garage because they are the system responsible for your door’s ability to function automatically. Think of the garage door opener like a brain. In the same way that the brain controls the body, your opener controls your door and its adjoining hardware. 

We are happy to provide our customers with the best opener selections from top brands like Sommer and Genie. Contact us today to discuss the garage door opener product that’s best for you.

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Brands We Offer

When it comes to products, safety, security, and reliability are our top priorities. We want nothing but the best for you and your garage. That’s why we’ve partnered with product lines that incorporate enhanced features into each design model to ensure safe operation.


Sommer is a German manufacturer that leads the charge in garage door openers and wireless control systems. Their openers are designed to meet four main touchpoints: 

  • Quality – This includes things like product durability guarantee, product warranty, and horsepower.
  • Safety – This includes emergency release mechanisms, optional battery backup features, and advanced detection sensors.
  • Flexibility – This refers to the ease of setup and use of the system itself. Sommer openers are customizable according to your needs and the available space inside your garage.
  • Intelligence – These garage door openers are incredibly smart systems backed by intelligent software that gives you extra peace of mind in the event of human error.


Genie is an industry-leading American manufacturer of remote-controlled garage door openers and accessories. They exercise a commitment to innovation, dependability, and quality with a focus on customer support. Genie’s commercial openers come prepared with many installer friendly benefits for enhanced ease of use and set-up. 

Key things to note about these products are that they are:

  • Installer-friendly 
  • Reliable
  • Excluse
  • Space-Saving

The Best In Automatic Openers 

Now that you have an overview of the brands, we’d be thrilled to recommend some options. Simply give us a call for more information on any of the models mentioned below. 

Here are some of the garage door openers we suggest:


Sommer’s garage door openers keep things simple. They offer openers under two main product categories– the evo+ and the pro+. Here are the models that we recommend:


Genie offers quite a bit more variety in contrast to the straight-forward nature of Sommer. Product models, editions, and features vary across garage door opener types such as the chain drive, belt drive, jackshaft, and screw drive. We’ll recommend options from each category:

*Please Note: All of these garage door opener products are meant to be installed and operated with proper handling. Lack of user knowledge can lead to product damage or personal injury in extreme cases. Remember, your garage door opener controls the automatic function of every other aspect of your door. So improper use can lead to heavier, sharper, or more volatile components of your door becoming misaligned and causing injury. 

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Garage door openers are essential for peak performance. Our Ellis Overhead Door technicians are happy to get you set up with the industry’s best opener for your home or business. We understand that sometimes the volume of choices may be overwhelming, that’s why we are committed to sticking by you for every stage of your selection and installation process. We want your buying experience to be as worry-free as possible, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that it is. Contact our team for more information on garage door openers, garage door opener repair, and garage door opener installation in Van AlstyneDenisonSherman, and McKinney today!

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