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Garage Door Roller Replacement

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Garage Door Roller Replacement

Ellis Overhead Door offers top-quality garage door services for all of our valued local customers near Van AlstyneDenisonSherman, and McKinney. From garage door repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance, we do it all! Among the garage door repair services we offer is garage door roller replacement. 

Garage door rollers are pivotal components responsible for the smooth movement of the door along its tracks. These small wheels, typically made of steel, nylon, or plastic, play a crucial role in ensuring the efficient and safe operation of your garage door system. When they become worn or damaged, they pose a great threat to your garage door system and, potentially, your safety. Our garage door roller replacement service is just what you need to get your garage door system back on track. Schedule your garage door roller replacement today! 

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The Importance Of Garage Door Roller Replacement

Your garage door rollers are the wheels attached to your garage door that allow it to glide along its tracks as it lifts and lowers. Without them, your garage door would not be able to move. Furthermore, damaged rollers could cause your garage door to come off of its designated tracks and fall to the ground altogether, posing a serious risk of injury or property damage. If you notice any of the following signs, do not hesitate to schedule your local garage door roller replacement. You’ll be glad that you did!

Signs you need garage door roller replacement:

  • Your garage door operates jerkily or slowly
  • Your garage door makes strange noises during operation
  • Your garage door is misaligned or off-track
  • Your garage door doesn’t open or close completely
  • Your garage door does not move when prompted by your garage door opener, keypad, or remote
  • You notice that your garage door rollers are worn, rusted or damaged
  • Your garage door is opening unevenly
  • Your garage door won’t move when you try to open or close it manually

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7 Benefits of Garage Door Roller Replacement

  1. Enhanced Performance — New rollers improve your garage door’s performance, reducing strain on the opener and ensuring the door moves smoothly along its tracks.
  2. Noise Reduction — Worn-out rollers often cause squeaking or grinding noises during operation. Replacing them with newer, well-lubricated rollers significantly reduces noise levels.
  3. Improved Safety — Properly functioning rollers contribute to the stability and safety of the garage door system, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.
  4. Increased Efficiency — By facilitating smoother movement, new rollers contribute to energy efficiency, ensuring the door operates optimally without consuming excess power or remaining open longer than it should, releasing hot or cool air. 
  5. Smooth Operation — Worn-out or damaged rollers can impede the door’s movement, making it uneven, noisy, or jammed. Replacing old rollers restores smooth and quiet operation.
  6. Prolonged Lifespan Regular garage door roller replacement extends the lifespan of your garage door system, preventing premature wear on other components.
  7. Reduced Maintenance Costs The timely replacement of rollers prevents further damage to the tracks, hinges, or the opener, minimizing the need for costly repairs down the line.

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Our team of experienced professionals here at Ellis Overhead Doors is proud to be your first choice for garage door roller replacement. Simply give us a call or use our contact form here online to book your appointment today! 

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