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Common Causes of a Noisy Garage Door

Having a noisy garage door can be a major nuisance, especially if you have living spaces above or beside the garage. But more than that, grinding, screeching, or squealing noises are signs of an underlying problem with your garage door. The most common culprits when it comes to a noisy garage door include:

  • Worn-Out Rollers
  • Loose Hardware
  • Poorly Lubricated Parts
  • Damaged Hinges
  • Broken Springs
  • Loose Opener Chains or Belts

If you’ve recently noticed that your garage door is noisy, talk to a professional about restoring smooth, quiet function to your overhead door system. Ellis Overhead Doors is happy to work with you to find an effective solution for silencing your noisy garage door and restoring peace to your garage. Contact us to book an appointment for noisy garage door repair, and we’ll inspect your garage door to find the root of the problem and recommend the best next steps. 

How To Fix a Noisy Garage Door

If you have an aging, noisy garage door, your best solution is a garage door maintenance appointment. Garage door tune-ups involve tightening loose parts, inspecting for damage, and lubricating the garage door system so that it runs more smoothly—and more quietly. Forgetting maintenance can cause you to have a noisy garage door because loose parts rattle and poorly lubricated parts grind together. But with one maintenance appointment, we can restore your overhead door to smooth, easy function! Contact us to schedule your garage door tune-up near Van Alstyne, TX, and get a quiet garage door. 

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Quiet Garage Door System Solutions

Unfortunately, if you have an aging garage door and opener, a maintenance appointment may not be enough to restore quiet to your garage. For example, pan garage doors with no insulation tend to rattle as they move, and older model chain drive garage door openers have metal parts that clank together as the door moves. 

If you have this kind of garage door system, we’d love to help you upgrade to new models that offer quiet operation. We love recommending insulated garage doors, which do not shake as they operate and offer incredible benefits like energy efficiency and durability. Then, we’ll pair your new overhead door with a belt-drive or wall-mount garage door opener, giving you smooth, quiet operation. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about the options available for a quiet garage door!

Contact Us to Silence Your Noisy Garage Door!

If you’re tired of dealing with a noisy garage door, contact Ellis Overhead Doors. We offer a variety of solutions to quiet a grinding or screeching garage door system, ranging from a maintenance appointment to upgraded quiet garage door system solutions. We’d love to assist you with noisy garage door repair near Van Alstyne, TX, so we can have your garage door running like a dream. Contact us today to start your journey toward a quiet garage door!

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