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Garage Door Cable Replacement

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Professional Garage Door Cable Replacement Near Van Alstyne, TX

Garage door cables work in conjunction with garage door springs to ensure safe and controlled opening and closing functions. Without properly working cables and springs, your garage door would pose a significant safety risk and would not operate properly. Strong and durable garage door cables are necessary to balance a garage door and control its movement. 

Ellis Overhead Doors provides trusted garage door cable replacement near Van AlstyneDenisonSherman, and McKinney. Our local garage door company takes great pride in offering top-notch residential and commercial garage door repair, which is evident by our 5-star customer reviews!

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Garage Door Cable Replacement Benefits

You can have the best-looking garage door, but if it doesn’t open and close correctly, it’s not serving its purpose! A garage door is meant to add convenience to your daily life and business operations. Each individual garage door component plays a part in the door’s overall functionality, including garage door cables. Replacing your old or damaged garage door cables offers many benefits, including:

  • Improved safety due to reduced risk of an unbalanced door 
  • Smooth and reliable garage door function
  • Extended garage door lifespan and less wear and tear on other parts, most notably the garage door springs and garage door openers
  • Money and time savings with fewer garage door repairs needed
  • Noise reduction during opening and closing 
  • Increased home value
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Specific Garage Door Cable Replacement Services We Offer

Garage doors are complex systems, and cables are one component within these machines that are also complex. They work with many other parts to perform their job reliably despite high-frequency use and sometimes harsh weather conditions.

Aside from the garage door cable itself, there are many parts involved that our Ellis team will inspect, diagnose, repair, or replace. Contact our team to schedule the following garage door cable replacement or repair services near Van Alstyne, TX today:

  • Garage Door Cable Lock Repair
  • Garage Door Cable Bracket Repair
  • End Bearing Plate Replacement
  • Garage Door Cable Safety Inspection
  • Garage Door Cable Lubrication and Maintenance
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Signs You Need a Garage Door Cable Replacement

When your garage door stops working, you may not know if your garage door cables are the main culprit. That’s ok! We offer FREE quotes and will inspect your door to determine the best course of action. There are signs that indicate a garage door cable replacement is needed, though, so if you notice the following, book an appointment with Ellis Overhead Doors right away.

  • Visible damage, such as fraying, rust, or broken cable strands
  • Loose cables that have fallen off the drum or pulley
  • The garage door is uneven and moving with jerky motions
  • The garage door opens or closes slower than normal
  • The garage door won’t open at all or stops halfway through a cycle
  • You hear loud grinding or squeaking noises during operation

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Ellis Overhead Doors is your go-to local garage door company for all your garage door installation, repair, and maintenance needs near Van AlstyneDenisonSherman, and McKinney. You can count on us to provide fast and affordable garage door service near you. Have a garage door emergency? Call us right away for our 24/7 emergency garage door service! We have what it takes to keep your residential and commercial garage doors operating smoothly for years to come! Schedule a garage door cable replacement or other repair service today!

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