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Ellis Is North Texas’s Best Name In Garage Door Panel Replacement

At Ellis Overhead Door, we pride ourselves on excellent, lasting garage door service. Our team of highly-trained service technicians provides top-quality residential and commercial garage door repair, installation, maintenance, and replacement services to assist our valued customers and neighbors with all of their garage door service needs. That’s why our company is North Texas’s first call when accidents, damage, or unforeseen circumstances arise. 

Our garage door repair services often include replacements. This is certainly true for cases where your garage door panels have become dented, cracked, or badly damaged. We’ve all experienced a garage door run-in. Whether we’re on early morning autopilot, rushing out of the house late, or returning home from a long day, accidents happen. Maybe your damaged garage door panels aren’t even your fault! Either way, we’ve got you covered with top-of-the-line garage door panel replacement near Van Alstyne, TX, and surrounding service areas.

Garage door panel replacement is just as it sounds. It is the act of removing any broken or damaged section of your garage door and replacing it with a new, compatible one to rectify the aesthetic integrity and functionality of your door. This replacement service is divided into two main categories:

Single Panel Replacement

A single-panel replacement is a great choice for garage door damage that is limited to only one section of your door. This is a helpful, sustainable option that targets the specific area of your garage door without the need to use more materials to get the job done.

Multi-Panel Replacement

Multi-panel garage door panel replacements are typically opted for in the case of more severe damages that don’t yet require a completely new garage door installation. For instance, if only two panels are damaged or are compromising the integrity of your garage door, then those panels can be replaced as a collective, separate from the other remaining panels.

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Signs You Need Garage Door Panel Replacement

If you need garage door panel replacement, chances are that, more likely than not, you’ll know immediately. However, some tell-tale signs that you need garage door panel replacement include:

  • Garage door panels bent inward
  • Garage door panels bent outward
  • Garage door panels that are completely warped due to extreme weather 
  • Garage door panels damaged by storm
  • Garage door panels that are marred due to unexpected animal collision
  • Garage door panels that have been irreparably cosmetically altered due to vandalism
  • Garage door panels that have lost their weather seal and are causing air leaks
  • Garage door panels that you can see through due to large holes
  • Garage door panels that are warped and cause sizeable gaps in between panel sections 
  • Garage door panels that have become thinned due to weathering, rust, or erosion
  • Garage door panels that have trouble reclining when your door is in operation

*Do You offer emergency garage door panel replacement services? Yes! We do. Panel damage poses a great security risk. Whenever your safety is compromised in this way, call us immediately, and we will work with your schedule to provide emergency repairs.

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Garage Door Panel Replacement Vs. New Garage Door Installation

Deciding between garage door panel replacement and a completely new garage door installation can be difficult. We recognize the importance of employing sustainable practices with our garage door services, especially when it comes to constructing new materials. However, unfortunately, there are instances where a new installation may be your best option for the security and durability you deserve from your garage door. These instances include times when your garage door is totally destroyed, meaning:

  • All panels have sustained severe damages
  • All panels need to be replaced
  • It may be more cost-efficient to perform a new installation service 
  • Your garage door is no longer attached to its tracks at all
  • Your garage door is irreparable in its current state

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