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Add a Completely Unique Garage Door to Your Home!

A new garage door boosts your home’s value. Imagine what a wood garage door could do! No wood garage door is built the same, and the ultimate appeal of a wooden garage door is the character and charm it brings to any style home. See some of our past wood garage door projects below for helpful inspiration on adding a completely unique garage door to your home!

wood garage doors

Top Benefits of Wood Garage Doors

Here are a few of the endless benefits that wood garage doors offer that help differentiate your home from others:

Wood Garage Doors Are Highly Customizable

Our manufacturers build wood garage doors piece-by-piece, so it opens an array of types of timber, paint colors, and stain finishing options so your wooden doors can be customized to fit your property seamlessly.

Fits in With Any Garage Door Style

Some garage door styles include carriage, traditional, and modern– wood has the ability to fit into any garage door style. Whether you want an arched style to fit a barn-style or a carriage-house cut, Ellis Overhead Door can install a beautiful wood garage door for you.

Adds Huge Resale Value To Your Home

Are you the type of buyer who looks to the future? Real wood garage doors add huge value to the resale value of your home. Your garage door’s appearance is one of the first aspects potential buyers notice, and wood garage doors would be a great return on investment.

Wood is a Natural Insulator

Installing wood garage doors with a good R-value will minimize heat transfer through the door and into the garage space. Wood garage doors are also more eco-friendly than other garage door materials. As a renewable resource, wood garage doors are set to last much longer than steel garage doors if they’re well maintained.

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Get a Garage Door That Lasts!

Ellis Overhead Door prides itself on residential and commercial garage door installation. A wood garage door would be stunning against any style of home or storefront in Van AlstyneDenisonSherman, and McKinney, TX. We know the surrounding areas well, so our garage door experts can supply some buyer’s guidance for which wood or faux wood garage door is right for you. We have decades of experience installing any kind of material for new garage door installation, and we can help you get started today!

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Request Faux Wood Garage Door Installation 

There is a way to achieve the granular, wooden aesthetic that people pay top dollar for without exceeding your budget. Ask for faux wood! Faux wood garage doors are made from steel, and with the help of wood-overlay technology, they are an excellent durable and long-lasting alternative.

faux wood garage doors
Faux Wood Garage Door Colors

While you’re paying for a steel garage door, you can still have the visual appeal that makes wood garage doors so desirable. Pick a bold or complementary color, and you’re set! There are also many configurations you can add to a faux wood garage door, like windows, panel designs, decorative hardware, and insulation options.   

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