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When you work with Ellis and Parrish Overhead Doors, you won’t have to worry about your garage door needing repairs for a long time. We strive to provide quality garage door services for all our customers. Our family-owned company provides repairs and installations all over Argyle TX.

In the event your garage door breaks or needs updating, call Ellis & Parrish Overhead Doors. In Argyle TX, our team of garage door professionals is knowledgeable about common garage door repair needs. Whether your garage door won’t open or you need your cables replaced, you can always count on our garage door technicians to handle your garage door services near Argyle TX!

garage door service Argyle TX

Trusted Garage Door Opener Experts Near Argyle TX!

When you choose a garage door opener through us, you can have the best garage door system with the latest garage door opener technology. Here at Ellis & Parrish Overhead Doors, we operate with name-brand companies for top-tier garage door service near Argyle TX.

Garage doors are meant to lift without worry or hesitation. When your opener starts to get older, it’s important to look out for strange, grinding noises or a door that moves slowly or unreliably, and if your opener is reaching 15-20 years of age, it’s time to replace! A brand like LiftMaster strives to offer the best products on the market. Ellis & Parrish Overhead Doors is here to help with your garage door service Argyle TX!

Signs You Need a Garage Door Opener Repair

  • Garage door stuck 
  • Garage door remote not working 
  • Garage door opens by itself 
  • Garage door won’t open 
  • Garage door won’t close
  • Garage door won’t close with remote 
  • Garage door keypad not working
garage door opener Argyle TX
liftmaster garage door openers

If you detect any of these issues, or the issue you are experiencing with your garage door is not listed, call one of our professional and skilled technicians at (903) 718-1588 for garage door service Argyle TX.

Don’t Wait If You Have an Emergency – Call Us Now!

You can depend on us to complete your garage door repair any time you call! Ellis & Parrish Overhead Doors is your one-stop garage door service. Whatever question or need you have regarding the largest door to your home in or near Argyle TX, we’re here for you! We serve our customers around the clock, so don’t hesitate to call one of our expert technicians as soon as you notice a problem with your garage door! Don’t try to tackle a heavy and complicated repair project yourself! Ellis & Parrish Overhead Doors in Argyle TX offers same-day service and emergency garage door repair for all of our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you blame your garage door opener, make sure your garage door can fully close without manually shutting it. See if the hardware is still aligned, including the tracks and the torsion springs. If there are signs of rusting or separation between the black coils in the torsion springs, contact Ellis & Parrish Overhead Doors! Our technicians can quickly perform a garage door spring replacement as well as garage door opener repair.

We never recommend anyone who is not industry trained to attempt serious repairs or installations of any kind. A DIY garage door repair project could go wrong at any moment! Give us a call at (903) 718-1588 for garage door service Argyle TX. We can handle whatever problem you may be experiencing.

Garage door opener repair ranges from $150-$300 depending on the severity of the garage door opener repair. Whether it’s for your home or your business, call us today at (903) 718-1588 for garage door service!

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