High Lift Garage Door

high lift garage door

Discover the Power of Commercial High Lift Garage Doors

Our team installed this high lift garage door for a customer who wanted to optimize space in his commercial property. Notice how the door utilizes a vertical lift system, unlike traditional garage doors that roll up or open horizontally. High lift doors operate with minimal clearance and help maximize overhead space in commercial settings. The vertical lift mechanism uses high-tension cables and heavy-duty springs to enable the door to reach greater heights when fully opened, providing easy access to tall vehicles and machinery. 

Optimize Your Space With High Lift Garage Doors

Space utilization is the number one benefit of this type of garage door. If you own or manage a commercial property, a high lift garage door installation will benefit you by providing:

  • Additional Overhead Space- Especially beneficial for properties with limited floor space, high lift doors offer extra space and storage solutions.
  • Accommodation of Tall Vehicles and Equipment- For industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and warehouses, uninhibited movement of large items is essential, and high lift garage doors make this possible.
  • Unrestricted Access- Loading and unloading goods, transporting equipment, and maneuvering within the property becomes easier with high lift garage doors, which increases overall efficiency.

Aside from space-saving solutions, a new commercial door installation will provide improved energy efficiency, enhanced security, and noise reduction. They are durable and long-lasting, made with materials that are easy to maintain and resist wear and tear. Finally, high-lift garage doors aren’t one size fits all. They are customizable and come in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes, all designed and manufactured to meet safety standards and building codes.

Elevate Your Business With High Lift Garage Door Installation

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, consider a high lift garage door installation! Our team at Ellis & Parrish Overhead Doors is dedicated to helping local businesses achieve their goals by providing high-quality and dependable commercial door service. 

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