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Schedule Emergency Garage Door Repair Near Plano, TX

If your garage door is stuck open or at an angle, you’re in an emergency situation. It’s essential to address broken garage doors quickly because they are heavy, moving objects that can cause serious injury if misused. Malfunctioning and broken garage door parts that can leave you in an emergency include: 

Do you need to book fast repairs for your overhead door? Contact Ellis Overhead Doors for emergency garage door repair near Plano, TX! We’ve been in the industry for many years and know what it takes to deliver fast, effective garage door repairs near you. If you need help with a broken garage door, contact us today!

Why It’s Important to Schedule Garage Door Repairs Quickly

Once you have one broken garage door part, the clock starts ticking on your other parts. This is because garage door parts are connected, creating a counterbalance system that keeps your garage door in place. For example, a broken spring puts excess strain on your cables and opener, causing them to wear down more quickly. 

To prevent a minor broken part from escalating into expensive damage to your entire garage door system, it’s crucial to book garage door repair near Plano, TX, fast. The longer you wait, the more potential for further damage. The garage door repair professionals at Ellis Overhead Doors are ready to serve your home with same-day service. Call now to schedule garage door repair near Plano, TX!

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Do You Need a Garage Door Replacement Near Plano, TX?

Outdated or broken garage doors are a major headache, but you don’t have to live that way! Instead of dealing with the daily struggle of an unreliable or slow garage door, contact us for garage door replacement near Plano, TX. Our expert garage door installers are ready to assist you with designing a beautiful new garage door that will upgrade the look of your home and run smoothly for long-term use. Check out our Garage Doors page and Projects to explore options, and then contact us to book a free consultation! 

We Sell and Install Top-of-the-Line Garage Door Openers

No updated garage door system is complete without a top-of-the-line garage door opener! We sell and install great products from LiftMaster, Genie, and Sommer, ensuring our clients have a broad range of new garage door openers to choose from. Are you looking for quiet, smooth operation? Let us show you the benefits of a belt-drive garage door opener. Do you have a heavy, real wood garage door that requires strong, durable operation? Check out the incredible potential of wall-mount garage door openers. Whatever your home’s needs, Ellis Overhead Doors is here to deliver the best garage door opener installation in Plano, TX. Call now to schedule your appointment and learn more!

Save Your Overhead Door With Garage Door Panel Replacement

Do your garage door panels have dents, cracks, or significant damage? Contact us for garage door panel replacement! Instead of replacing the entire overhead door, our panel replacement services involve only replacing the damaged sections. It’s a quicker and more cost-effective way to restore the appearance and functionality of your garage door. Contact us for a free estimate, and we’ll determine if you’re a good candidate for garage door panel replacement in Plano, TX.

Schedule Service With Our Garage Door Repairmen Today!

When it comes to taking care of your garage door, you can always rely on Ellis Overhead Doors. We are certified garage door repair professionals ready to assist you with all your garage door needs. If you need a garage door repair near Plano, TX, make us your first call for expert service!

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