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5 Ways to Keep Your Garage More Secure

Without proper security and maintenance, your garage door can be an entry point for potential home invaders, posing a risk to your family’s safety. In just a few minutes, thieves can identify possible weak spots in your garage door and use them as entry points into your home. For example, faulty locks, outdated garage door systems, and neglected maintenance can leave your garage door—and your home—vulnerable to a break-in. 

We’ve listed five ways to make your garage door more secure, giving you peace of mind and ensuring your family stays safe

5 Ways to Secure Your Garage

Close the Door

This seems like a simple one, but the garage door can be easy to forget about, especially if you have a busy night putting the kids to bed or forget to close it when leaving the house. Always ensure your garage door is closed and locked at night and whenever you leave the house. 

It’s also a good idea to go ahead and close your garage door even if you’re home all day or using lawn equipment. Leaving your garage door open reveals the valuables you may have inside, making your home a potential target in the future. 

Garage Door Locks

Not all garage doors come standard with a lock, so we recommend investing in one for your new or existing garage door. If you have a garage door that opens manually, remember to engage the lock every night so your home remains secure. 

If you have an automatic garage door system, you can invest in automatic locks, meaning your garage door will lock itself when the opener engages it. Smart garage door systems like these are a great way to ensure your garage’s security without worrying about forgetting to close or lock the door. 

Exterior Lighting

Everyone knows that the shadows of an unlit house create the perfect opportunity for a thief to examine entry points and attempt to enter your home. That’s why it’s a good idea to install exterior lighting around your garage, front door, back door, and any other major entry points. 

If you’re worried about exterior lighting shining into your bedrooms, you can invest in motion-activated lighting. This way, you’ll know immediately if someone is around your property, but the lights won’t bother you otherwise. 

Tinted Windows

You most likely use your garage to store expensive tools, lawn equipment, family keepsakes, and more. With clear windows, anyone can see into your garage and examine these valuables. But with tinted, etched, colored, or opaque windows, no one can see into your garage. This allows you to still experience the natural light of garage door windows without worrying about them being a weak spot in your home’s security. 

Updated Garage Door System

An aging garage door and an outdated garage door opener are the two biggest threats to your garage door security. Older garage doors may not be as structurally sound or have garage door locks, making them easy to break into. Outdated garage door openers don’t have rolling codes, making it easy for thieves to find the entrance code to your opener and use it to access your garage. 

But with modern garage door systems, including new garage doors and smart garage door openers, you can know your garage is secure. New garage doors are durable and have the latest safety technology to secure your home. Smart garage door openers have rolling code technology, meaning the remote or keypad uses a new code with every entry. Modern garage door openers also have options for smartphone operation, meaning you can monitor and secure your garage door from a convenient app on your phone. 

Do You Need Help Securing Your Garage Door?

If you need assistance securing your garage door, contact the experts at Ellis Overhead Doors. We have years of experience helping homeowners find peace of mind with a robust, durable garage door system defending their homes. We have modern garage doors and openers to update your home today!

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