Glass Countertop Door

Small Glass Countertop Door Makes a Big Impact!

We installed this glass countertop door at a residential home in Tom Bean, TX. Countertop doors can be constructed in any size to fit your needs. For this project, we installed the countertop door as a poolside serving bar to increase the convenience and aesthetics of our client’s outdoor space. The door is fully operational and requires very little maintenance. It has the look of a window and is a natural addition to the outside of the house. 

Benefits of a Glass Countertop Door

Not only does this glass countertop door look great and improve this home’s curb appeal, but it also offers other benefits. As you can see, this door directly overlooks an inground swimming pool. During the summer, when kids are playing outside or having a pool party, this countertop door gives adults another way to supervise their activities and keep everyone safe. Never worry about carrying awkward trays of drinks and snacks back and forth again. Just open the door, and place your delicious refreshments on the countertop. Done!

Glass Countertop Door Customization Options

With countertop garage doors, you can choose your material, paneling, and colors. These doors can also be customized with different types of hardware and window designs. There are unlimited customization options, and our team can install a glass countertop door perfect for you based on your needs, preferences, and budget.

Are you thinking about installing a countertop glass door at your home? Our team at Ellis and Parrish Overhead Doors is confident that we’re the best team for the job. We will help you find a door that complements your home, increases your curb appeal, and offers maximum functionality. We’re a local garage door company offering friendly and affordable garage door service to homeowners ready to take their garage doors to the next level! Contact us today to learn more.

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