High Lift Garage Door

High lift garage doors are a great option if you have low headroom or need to have more vertical space inside of your garage. These overhead doors have the garage door opener located on the side of the door instead of overhead, with the tracks very close to the roof of the garage. This leaves more vertical room in your garage and wastes less space overall. It’s a great option to consider if you want more space in your garage. These high lift doors can change your whole garage.

Benefits of High Lift Doors

Why would you need a high lift garage door? This business requested high lift tracks to better suit the high ceilings in their warehouse. We used heavy duty torsion springs and reinforced tracks to make this sturdy, long-lasting garage door system. This commercial door adds convenience to our client’s business.

High lift tracks are also a great option for residential spaces that have higher ceilings and need a little space. It’s a great choice if you want to install a car lift in your garage. You can store an additional car over another car. With a car lift, you can clear space in your driveway by having enough room in your garage for two cars! This could also create enough room to store an RV or a boat.

Contact Us for High Lift Overhead Doors

Our technicians know just how to install and repair these high lift doors so that you can enjoy that extra room in your garage. If anything goes wrong, our garage door repairmen know exactly what to do. We can also recommend garage door openers that are better suited for high lift garage doors. Our experts at Ellis and Parrish Overhead Doors also know how to properly install high lift garage doors in your home so that they can function smoothly and won’t experience any problems.

If you want a high lift garage door in your home or business, contact Ellis and Parish Overhead Doors today! We’ll have your new high lift garage door installed quickly so you can enjoy all the extra space in your garage. Call us today at (903) 718-1588 for a new high lift garage door installation!

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