An Insulated Garage Door – Why It’s A Necessity

Originally posted November 10th, 2022. Updated April 26th, 2024.

Insulated Garage Doors

Installing a thermally injected garage door, also known as an insulated garage door, offers many cost-effective benefits and investment advantages. Heighten the durability of your garage door with a couple of layers of insulation from Ellis Overhead Doors. We can install insulation on your existing garage door or install a brand new garage door with insulation already included. Either way, it will enhance your garage experience and lead you to a more comfortable life.

The Secret to Saving You Big $$$

While insulating your garage door is an investment, it’s well worth it. The money you save from tampering with your air conditioning and heating unit covers the installation cost of insulated garage doors. Consider how the average garage door saves and secures your vehicle, home, and belongings. Extra coverage from a thermally injected garage door is the secret to saving you money from dips or heights in temperature. 

An insulated garage door has supreme benefits, including:

  • Noise control
  • Lower energy costs
  • Extra security padding
  • Temperature controlled

How Do I Make My Garage Doors Quieter?

Invest in an insulated garage door that can lessen any noise coming from it or your garage door opener. The reverse can be true if your neighbors are noisy and you want a noise-controlled garage.

Homes have insulation, so why not your garage door? Like a security blanket, insulation for garage doors will muffle the noise coming from your motor or make a light purr if it makes any more noise. Any other type of noise that would cause disturbance to neighbors would be prevented with insulated or thermally injected garage doors. 

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Energy-Efficient Garage Doors—Who Knew?

Insulating your garage door is important if you want to lessen energy costs. When discussing insulation, there is an equation of how much insulation you need for effectiveness. The R-value measures your garage door’s energy efficiency. The higher the R-value, the more efficient your garage door will be.

Unlike walls within a house, garage doors don’t need as much width of insulation. The going rate for insulation in garage doors is R-6 to R-9 insulation due to the limited amount of spacing. The level of insulation required for safe efficiency depends on where you live. Our experienced Ellis Overhead Door technicians will know the amount of insulation your garage door needs.

In comparison, insulated wall cavities in Texas homes normally range from R-13 to R-15 insulation. In southern Texas, insulated walls in gas- or oil-heated homes only reach up to R-13, while walls in Texas homes with electric heat expand to a minimum of R-19 insulation. 

A Temperature-Controlled Garage

You might notice your average garage door is paper thin. Beyond the steel or aluminum exterior, your garage is susceptible to uncomfortable summers and cold winters. Studies done by garage door manufacturers have proven that garage door insulation can keep your garage 20 to 25 degrees cooler in the summer and 8 to 12 degrees warmer in the winter. If you spend any time in your garage, insulating your garage doors would turn it into a nice potential living space.

The recommended amount of insulation applies to attached garages and detached garages that are not air-conditioned. With an additional layer to your garage door, you’re on your way to luxury with a temperature-controlled garage with an insulated garage door!  

Ellis Overhead Door Installs Insulated Garage Doors

If you already have a garage door that you love, have Ellis Overhead Doors add insulation to your existing garage door. Unpredictable weather in Texas is reason enough for additional support for your garage.

Add thermal protection to your garage door today! Ellis Overhead Doors is an all-service repair company for Whitewright, Grayson County, and other surrounding areas that is happy to save you money in the process. Once you install an energy-efficient insulated garage door, you will be happy with your new temperature- and noise-controlled garage. It’s also secured with the most efficient insulation on the market.

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